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Includes a pre-order of the full digital album, Below Original Soundtrack.

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Includes the full digital album, Below Original Soundtrack. Check out now. You pledged. Jim Guthrie Toronto, Ontario.

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Mikhail Madnani. John-Paul McCarthy.

Below the Fold: What Does 'Below the Fold' Mean?

Gabriel Svetnicka. Andres Ramirez. Dan McCluskey. Manuel Frischknecht. David Pietricola.

Below (2002)

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  8. Madee II. Michael Green. Martin Taylor. Fernando Valadez. Placement of content on a web page affect how many users interact and engage with it. Below the fold content is hidden to the user when the page first loads, and if they leave the page before scrolling, they will never see it. Data indicates that the placement of ads and content below the fold on a webpage dramatically reduces its likelihood of being viewed.

    Because of its decreased visibility, ads that are placed below the fold typically generate less ad revenue than ads that appear at the top of the page. Companies that sell advertising on their websites typically charge a discounted price for placement below the fold because of its lower visibility. It is impossible to define an exact placement for the fold on a webpage, because its precise location can change according to screen resolution, as well as browser and screen sizes for thousands of phones, tablets and computer monitors. When determining an average fold placement, most web designers still agree that the fold line is at approximately 1, pixels wide and pixels tall.

    For many years, the most common dimension was x With the rise of mobile devices in popularity, new dimensions are becoming increasingly common, such as x and x The increasing usage of mobile devices for web browsing has further complicated the concept of designing for the fold. Mobile devices offer a huge variety of screen sizes, and the user needs for each of these devices and screen dimensions has its own unique set of requirements and limitations.

    An additional consideration is that users on phones generally browse in portrait mode rather than in landscape mode, while users on tablets and computers generally browse in horizontal mode. With so many people accessing web pages across such a variety of devices, current web design practices entail using responsive design: making use of flexible layouts, images and cascading style sheets.


    With responsive design, there is no fixed layout for a page, and content reflows to a screen of any size. Because of the impact on engagement and conversions that content placement can have, it is important to monitor how users interact with your website. Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics can provide information about what percentage of your visitors are using desktop vs mobile devices, as well as the average screen size of your users. Heatmap programs such as CrazyEgg can be useful in determining scroll-depth how far down your page users scroll as well as where your users are clicking on a page.

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