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Hugo Fernandez has personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business through his proven blueprint for creating an EPIC marketing strategy and online presence. He teaches doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and freelancers the secrets to attracting a flood of high paying clients, increasing revenues and creating sustainable marketing campaigns. Average Review.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Providing services and caregiving to struggling, victimized and traumatized children, youth, adults and the elderly Providing services and caregiving to struggling, victimized and traumatized children, youth, adults and the elderly is mentally and emotionally taxing.

It can and will wear our bodies out.

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This book gives a seven point blueprint to help promote Self-Care for View Product. Blueprint: Professional Selling. As his personal and professional challenge, Professor Stevens interviewed over 10, of the Blueprint for Deceit. Faced with unreasonable demands from his publisher, writer Tom Cullimore escapes to Devonshire for a Faced with unreasonable demands from his publisher, writer Tom Cullimore escapes to Devonshire for a holiday. Intent on nothing more taxing than avoiding work, he soon finds himself enmeshed in a web of murderous intrigue involving spies, counter-spies and various Blueprint for Strategic Growth.

Blueprint for Strategic Growth provides a simple, highly effective approach for strategically growing your business.

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The rapid change of pace in today's international business environment requires an agile, streamlined, and continually updated strategic process. This book defines the Essential Elements Blueprint of a Hustler. The book Blueprint of a hustler is a true story based on my life. Its about Its about me becoming a millionaire at the age of 21years old,finding love going to prison and losing everything.

This book. Donations Income Blueprint is an Income generating system. Yes, if you love the Yes, if you love the idea of generating recurring income through cash donations, then you will love this book.

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It doesn't matter where you live, this system works worldwide as Social media marketing has always been a field that Social media marketing has always been a field that has rendered creativity and accessibility of available avenues that attribute to a businesses' overall success.

Which is one of the reasons that we highly recommend that you start your SEO strategy as soon as possible and love SEO!

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  8. The gist is that digital marketing is very cost effective if compared to traditional marketing. Not only the results of your digital advertising campaigns are very easy to track; they are very precise as well. If you are just doing search engine optimization then you can use Google Analytics to track the number of people visiting your website and other useful metrics. Furthermore, you can use insights tools offered by paid advertising methods to know what your ROI is and how much people have seen, clicked or purchased by seeing your ad. That means you can track the results of your campaign right away and make necessary changes to make it more approachable based on the results.

    This will obviously save a lot of your time and money. You can get a lot more exposure at very low prices through digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing. According to Internet World Stats ; there are 3. This allows brands to quickly build an online presence and go viral if their marketing campaign is right. So let me tell you.

    And since Asia has over 4. With a little over 2 billion of them using the internet. However, the second chart shows how many people in each country or region actually uses the internet. Compared to North America, where out of all the people in North America… So now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing and the benefits of digital marketing, you must be wondering which one to choose.

    But that is the problem with traditional marketing as well, and in fact, if you hire a good and professional digital marketing agency, you can mitigate the risk of getting a tough time from your competition. Though we do not recommend that you discard the traditional marketing entirely, you can put major focus on digital advertising and then use traditional marketing in highly targeted areas. There are plenty of businesses and people taking advantage of the digital world to increase traffic, leads and sales; will you be next?

    What Is Digital Marketing. Comparison of Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. Software Assurance Business in Cyber Security. Blue Team Business in Cyber Security.

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    Thank you For Choosing CyberBlueprints. Facebook Twitter Google Instagram. What is Traditional Marketing? It can be categorized into the following: Print: Advertising in the newspaper Direct Mail: Printing out pamphlets or leaflets and distributing them through the mail Telephone: Doing telemarketing by calling potential clients Outdoor: Putting up billboards Broadcast: Broadcasting through radio and television Though traditional marketing has evolved a lot over the past few decades, its modes the five types given above are almost the same.

    Benefits of Traditional Marketing: Reach Your Audience Easily: This one is perhaps the easiest way to reach the audience if you are doing marketing locally and want to target a highly specific audience. Not too shabby for printed advertisement, right. Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing: Little Interaction: As the time is passing and more and more people are migrating to the internet, the interaction with traditional modes of consuming information like the newspapers or televisions is getting smaller. It Can Be Costly: The use of traditional marketing especially print can be very costly.

    Up to you how you want to grow your business…. Difficult to Measurable Results: Which leads me into this next area. As in, do you know if someone even opened your mail… or if it even arrived at its destination. What is Digital Marketing? Digital advertising or online marketing encompasses the marketing efforts that are carried out through the internet or electronic devices such as smartphones, computers… And pretty much anything connected to the digital world… which nowadays are lots.

    Here are some of the main categories of digital marketing: Search engine optimization: Our bread and butter. SEO means listing your website in search engine and working on getting it to the first page of the search engine results. Search engine marketing: Putting advertisements for the specific keywords searched on a search engine Content marketing: Creating blog posts like this one , videos and social media posts and sharing them with online users to generate interest in the brand Affiliate Marketing: Asking marketers to promote the product s and paying them a commission for each sale Social media marketing: Putting advertisement s on social media platforms Email marketing: Sending out emails to potential customers about the product or service you are offering Paid advertising aka Pay Per Click PPC : Placing ads on a website and then paying the website owner a sum of money for each click on your advertisement through their website Digital marketing is a vast sea that offers tons of ways for advertising but the aforementioned types are the most common and most popular ones.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing: Precise Targeting: Whether you want to target the local audience or the international one, you can easily do that with traditional marketing.

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    Interaction Is Possible: A customer nowadays want more than just an advertisement, they want to personalize the experience, and therefore they want to contact the business directly before making a purchase. Very Cost-Effective: You can literally do free advertising with search engine optimization or very cheap advertising using PPC where you only pay for a click. You can also leverage affiliate marketing and only pay for the sales your marketers make.

    Easy to Track Results: Not only the results of your digital advertising campaigns are very easy to track; they are very precise as well. This is something that traditional marketing lacks in a lot. Digital marketing is quick, you set up an ad and it is on the internet within seconds. More Exposure: You can get a lot more exposure at very low prices through digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing.

    The first chart is showing you how many people use the internet in those countries or regions. So out of all the people in Asia… only So, Which One to Choose? So the answer to the question of which one to choose is obviously digital marketing. Click the below button to apply for a Cyber Strategy Session and a chance to work with us!

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