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Fade the image out.

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Our background image is vibrant and super-fun. Type 30 and press Return. Follow these steps to add the text:. Style the text. In the right-hand Format panel, click the Text tab to bring up the text options panel. In the Font section of the panel, choose the Philosopher font, click the B button to make it bold, and type into the font size box to set the size to pt. Position the text box. Position and resize the rectangle. Then drag the bottom right handle on the rectangle to stretch it so that it sits comfortably around the text. You can then click and drag the rectangle to reposition it; when you see the yellow cross appear then the rectangle is centered exactly underneath the text:.

Make it pretty. With the rectangle still selected, click the Style tab in the right-hand Format panel. In the Fill section near the top of the Style panel, choose Color Fill from the menu, then click the rainbow icon to the right of the coloured box below the menu to bring up the colour picker.

Style your rectangle by setting its colour and opacity. Make the text white. All you need to do now is make the text white. Click it, choose the Text tab in the Format panel, and click the coloured box to the left of the rainbow icon in the panel. Click the bottom-left white box to turn the text white:. Click the white box to turn the text white. This is pretty easy now that you know the basics of adding text.

Just do these steps:. So far our text has all been horizontal. Add a drop shadow.

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Leave the values for Blur , Offset , Opacity and Colour set to their defaults. Change the text to white. Head back over to the Text tab in the Format panel and click the coloured box to the left of the rainbow icon in the panel. Click the bottom-left white box to make the text white. Position and rotate the text box.

Drag the text box to where you want it in the frame. Then, holding down the Command key on your keyboard, click and drag one of the two little white squares at either end of the text box to rotate the box to a nice angle:. Click to add the first straight point of the wavy shape. Add the first curved point. Now click and drag to the right to add a curved point:.

Building your presentation

Click and drag to add the first curved point. Add the second curved point. Click and drag again to add a second curved point:. Click and drag again to add the second curved point. Add the right-hand straight point. Move the cursor just outside the right edge of the frame, an inch or so up from the bottom.

Set everything up

Click to add another straight point. This finishes the top curve of the shape:. Click to add the right-hand straight point. Close the shape. To finish off the wavy shape, click outside the bottom right corner of the frame, then click outside the bottom left corner of the frame, to add the bottom two straight points of the shape. Click to close the shape and finish it off:. Add the other straight points, then click the very first point to close the shape.

Style the shape. To style the shape, use the Copy Style and Paste Style menu options to copy the style from the purple rectangle. Use the Muli Regular font at 48 pt. Your Keynote slide is looking awesome! Now comes the really fun part, where you get to animate all those elements you added. Follow these steps:. Adding the Blur effect to the background image. Make the effect happen automatically. By default, effects only happen when you click the mouse during the presentation, but we want all our animations to happen automatically. To do this, click the Build Order button at the bottom of the right-hand panel to open the Build Order window.

Click the blue item in the list at the top of the window it should be the only one in the list , then change the Start setting from On Click to After Transition :. To make the Blur effect happen automatically, select the effect in the Build Order window and set Start to After Transition. Try it out! You should see your leafy background gradually fade in. That was quite a lot of steps.

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Your Build Order window should now look like this:. From the Text option you can find the bold, underline, and italic options along with alignment and more default text styles. The last selection, Arrange, allows you to change the layer order and the placement of the text in the box. You can add any image from your Camera Roll or other albums, which will then be placed on to your slide, initially covering everything. To change the overall size, drag on the blue dots, or to crop the image, double-tap it and drag the blue dots.

While the image is highlighted in this way, you can also drag the slider to increase the scale within the cropped window. To move the image, simply tap and hold then drag to its new position. Drag and drop appropriate extras onto each slide. Again this will be placed on to your slide.

Susie's Rescue: An Adventure of Susie the Elephant by Wes Wilson

You can tap on it once to edit the text. After you have, use the blue dots to change the height and width of the box, with the text altering to fit as you do. Tap the bordered plus icon in the bottom left and choose from the default options. These are designed to match the style you chose when starting the presentation. Again you can edit the text boxes as before by double-tapping them. There are a many suggested layouts for each new slide.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac

If you want to show off statistics or data then adding a graph or table is more aesthetically pleasing than a simple list. If you add a graph, tap on it followed by Edit Data to alter the information shown. This chart is full of default data that you will need to edit or remove to fit with your statistics. If you wish to remove a column or row tap and hold the outside edges of either and then tap the Delete option. Data can be added to table cells by double tapping the empty options. Once the data is all correct you may wish to change the style of either your table or graph.

Simply tap on the element followed by the paintbrush icon. This reveals the default choices at the bottom, similar to when editing text.

See a Problem?

Use the Chart Options or Table Options to find more settings including font type and size. While looking at a slide, tap on any component followed by Animate. This will then reveal the Build In and Build Out options for your selection. Tap on either and choose from the options. To preview, tap the Play option from the top left. Animate your slides to add some flare to your presentation. Tapping on the Options, Delivery or Order headings across the top will give you more choices for the animation.