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Mean Streets Echo

Eve stood up on the wall and scanned for a place to climb down. The tide had dropped. Three men ran towards her and coaxed her down. The guards came within minutes. People passed in their cars recording the scene. The eye in the sky reported on the traffic delay coming down the Western Road.

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People tutted and beeped their horns. One of the men turned to look for Eve, but she had disappeared. Eve looked for a squad car, then ran across the road and ducked behind the Western Gateway building by the river. It was warm and sheltered there. The willow by the footbridge dropped its branches, needing water, but somehow the tree managed to stay safe from the highest tide. He was the first person to look out for her. He told her she was better off sleeping where the cameras were on the main street.

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The busiest street with lots of people passing. And he rescued her from Mrs. B one night when she was being particularly manic and thought Eve was the evil daughter who had put her in hospital. She cried for Tommy and the possibility of him, and for Katie, who she felt she would never see again. Crying will get you nowhere.

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Up and at it. Eve walked to the building that held the student lockers and looked inside. She took the money from her Big Issue sales and added it to the rest. Repeat exams were due to start soon and dejected heads moped around the college grounds. Pity about ye. She made her way to the main restaurant. She wanted to stay away from the soup kitchen in town in case the guards came looking for her. She loaded up on mashed potatoes. Her sleeve was pulled down over her hand as she broke three roses. Pick : Changing subjects, I want to circle back to your point in the opening about how Mean Streets is controversial to audiences today.

In , there was no queer film theory or feminist film studies as of yet. Teresa is a complete surprise when she first appears halfway through Mean Streets.

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Is that what you meant by controversy today, Steve? Or are there other things that throw people? Scorsese allows the camera to linger on these shiftless dudes just drifting around going to movies, play-fighting with trashcan lids, enduring a boring evening at the bar , scenes that serve as necessary juxtapositions to the moments of violence. But on Mean Streets , Scorsese more patiently provides, along with the grainy, shuddery, noir-ish character of the film, a more authentic reality that is deliberately paced and unaffected enough to avoid overly romanticizing the lives of its characters.

The Dead South combine bluegrass and string band sounds into one excellent package with Sugar and Joy. With a headlining show as part of Ghostly International's 20th anniversary, Tobacco reflects on his own start, why he went with Ghostly, and why his old band Black Moth Super Rainbow is closing up shop.

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Victor Serge, a rare survivor of Stalin's Terror, had a keen, razor-sharp intelligence and made observations that are highly relevant to our troubled times. On Big Thief's Two Hands , the songs flow together and were purposely linked without pauses. This is an arid record purposely made in the desert with an audible dryness and shimmer to the sound.

Margaret Atwood's The Testaments provides a hard-earned and much-needed "happy" ending to the dystopian parallel universe that is The Handmaid's Tale , albeit at great cost and courage to one vital witness.

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  7. Americana singer-songwriter, Jeremy Ivey is a romantic in tough guy clothes He may pessimistically perceive the world with his head, but his heart intrudes and he can't keep from smiling at the goodness. Two old friends from high school and from decades of playing together, George Coleman and pianist Harold Mabern make a final date as part of the saxophonist's quartet. Travel back in time a decade ago to , when indie rock was in its full ascendency,and hear the songs that soundtracked the era.

    Ranging in tone and style, Metronomy's Metronomy Forever feels like a spiritual successor to their second album Nights Out.

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