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Kate Peters collaborated with women who earn a living offering sexual performances online in her series Cam Girls. The images feature screenshots of women, all who work independently from the privacy of their homes, posed in ways that mimic the compositions of 19th century western art nudes.

Her wondrous black-and-white photographs, compiled in Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time , capture the glory of every wizened knot and gnarl.

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Turkey happens to be the cheapest place for hair transplants, and Emanuele Satolli photographed the men who flock there for the procedure in his fascinating series Turkish Hair Farmers. The Mexican Drug War has caught many civilians in its crosshairs, most famously the 43 college students murdered in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Shot some 16, feet above sea level in frigid conditions, the series visualizes the tremendous cost of climate change.

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She followed the woman around with the help of a private investigator and photographed her every move. The resulting images make up Dear Erin Hart , a fascinating exploration of the strange relationship between the perpetrator and victim of an all too common crime. But no one has ever been able to identity of the kissing couple, much less figure out what time the photograph was taken.

The exact time of that passionate kiss? The annual Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention is a gathering place for explosive aficionados united by nothing else but their mutual delight in things that go boom. Janet Delaney photographed the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco in the s and early '80s, when it was still a bastion of the working class.

The photographs document the intense training soon-to-be investigators undergo in the Netherlands. Instructors go to amazing lengths to prepare their students—even burying skeletons with animal meat for three months so they can understand what rotting flesh looks and smells like. Moscow and St. After President Obama shut down the program in , the region struggled to redefine itself.

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From the mountains of Germany and Austria to the beaches of Lithuania and Latvia, the series beautifully documents the sprawling borders of a treaty now possibly under threat. Yet as Edmund Clark reveals in Mountains of Majeed , the base is full of picturesque murals showing idealized vistas and peaceful mountainscapes free from conflict. The images suggest a crucial disconnect between the occupiers and the occupied.

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But long after the media cycle moved on, he continued visiting the town to observe the devastating, lasting impact the disaster had on residents. Carrier hotels in New York where the Internet lives. And a hipster Barbie teaches Instagram a lesson in authenticity. Photography took us to some fascinating places this year—not least of all Pluto, the teensy dwarf planet some 3 billion miles from earth.

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Join us as we revisit the highlights. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More photo. Author: Shannon Stirone Shannon Stirone. Photo Gallery. A good visual narrative has the same pieces as a good article: your lede, your nut graf, the middle of the story, the arc, the ending. So the thing about being an effective photo editor is you have to be able to talk to people through images. Simplify the story down to its moving parts.

So the images strung together tell a story, and if the images are journalistic, they tell a true story. An Afghan man injured in fighting is helped as violence escalates for migrants waiting to be processed at the increasingly overwhelmed Moria Camp on the island of Lesbos in Greece, October 22, I feel a tremendous empathy for many of these people. And at the end of many days, I get to go back to a hotel while they stay in some condition of suffering. But I would never claim to fully understand. That would be insulting. Cuesta del Plomo, a hillside outside of Managua, was a known site of many assassinations carried out by the National Guard.

People searched here daily to find missing persons. Nicaragua, Would I not make an image? If I make an image, what do I do with the image?

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But if you were the documentarian witness, right there on site, what would your responsibility be? Child miners look for gold deep in the rebel-controlled area of Bavi, Democratic Republic of Congo, The gold is then smuggled to Uganda and sold to the Ugandan military in exchange for weapons. Sometimes children are forced to work, excavating minerals like tungsten, tin, and gold, which get used in computer electronics that are omnipresent in the West.

Think: laptops, cell phones. That body of my documentary work is directly responsible for the Intel ban [on the use of conflict minerals in its microprocessors], but it could not have achieved success without people signing petitions and similar acts of public pressure behavior. Sufia was the only survivor in her family. The others all died when their home was destroyed by the cyclone of April 29, , in Anwara, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Sufia was taken in as part of another family. After that cyclone, an American friend of mine was talking about how terrible it was because another friend of ours could not keep his beer down.

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He was so affected by the images he saw that it made him ill. I find that problematic. I want to ensure that person wakes up to the huge injustices that go on. The media should be able to penetrate that defense system to shake people and wake them up. The Serbian paramilitary unit was responsible for killing thousands of people during the Bosnian war, and Arkan was later indicted for war crimes. The image from the execution was used as evidence in a number of war crimes trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague.

Mourning relatives at the funeral for victims killed in an explosion at a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt, April ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. I contacted many publications, but no one was interested. A rebel fighter receives eye drops after exposure to the chemical sarin, April 16, You have to be suspicious yourself, looking for any cracks or gaps in the evidence.

So we stayed two months on this; we had to be there and working to figure out the truth of this story. Once we had the evidence that the government was using chemical weapons in its attacks, we had to have it recognized by a body like the UN. He was calm; he was polite. His demeanor made me think of him as a philosopher. I want viewers to understand the gravity of the situation without looking down on the subject.

She is fifteen years old.