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Ten men rush frantically up and down the basketball court.

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Or picture a baseball diamond. It is a crucial part of the game perhaps in the late innings. The batter hits a screeching ball over 2nd base driving in the runner. Time out is called as the catcher and the pitcher hold a conference at the mound. Time out may be called when a player is injured, when a pitcher is removed from the game, or for any number of other reasons.

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Time out is called in football games, hockey games, soccer games or whatever. In fact, the sign for Time Out is so familiar that most of us non-competitors recognize it right away. We take time out for a coffee break, or a coke or a Tastybreak, time out for this or time out for that.

Because we are physical creatures, we must take time out to rest and renew ourselves. How refreshing it is on our jobs to take a few minutes out for a time of relaxation. We go back to our work refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Students studying for exams experience the satisfaction of taking time out now and then from the mental concentration. We have all experienced the frustration of trying to solve a problem or find a mistake. We take a few minutes out and return to find the mistake or the solution very soon. Just as we need to take time out in our physical and mental activities, we also need to take time out in the spiritual life.

Jesus recognized this need in our text. People were clamoring after Jesus and the disciples so that they had no time even to eat. We need to take a break. As the ball players in the various competitive games must take time out for many reasons, we must also take time out in the spiritual games of life. Paraphrasing Shakespeare in Macbeth, we are all players in the game of life strutting and fretting our hours upon the playing field of time and then are seen no more.


Why do we need to take time out in the game of life? First of all, we need to call time out for rest, recuperation, and refreshment. The ball players call time out at times just to rest and refresh themselves. Especially in games like football and basketball where tremendous energy and effort are expended, time must be called out for players to catch their breath, rest, and refresh themselves. Our bodies, minds, and spirits, need rest. God is the only one who does not need rest.

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